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Get 1 to 3 hours more sleep with a weighted blanket

Mar 10, 2022 | By Quietly Staff

Weighted blankets can help you fall and stay asleep, so you can feel rested the next day.

Studies show that a moderate to firm pressure weighted blankets helps give a more restful sleep with fewer disturbances and allows you to stay asleep longer, improving overall sleep quality.  

It helps you sleep through the night without waking up. People with ADHD noticed that they slept 1 to 3 hours more per night using a weighted blanket, so they were less worried about waking up at a night, and had a deeper sleep. 

“Before I woke up several times a night and had great difficulty getting back to sleep again"

Before using a weighted blanket, one person wasn’t sleeping for 2 to 3 days, but once they started using the weighted blanket, they could sleep 24 hours on end to make up for lost sleep. 

Our health and sleep are interconnect, and a lack of sleep affects your body and brain, it increases stress, and can lead to a host of issues like depression high blood pressure, more migraines, and brain fog. So it's critical that your body gets the rest it needs at night to perform functions such as repairing cells, restore energy, and release hormones and proteins. During the night our brain stores new information and gets rid of toxic waste. When we don't get enough sleep, you'll have a challenge learning new things from the day, and studies are finding that we don't remove toxic waste as well when we're awake.

People with ADHD noticed that weighted blankets helped them have a calmer night’s sleep, that’s more comfortable, and when you're more calm and relaxed, that can lead to better sleep and help lift your mood. It’s also a way to sleep more without the use of medication, and improve overall sleep quality.

You'll start to feel better in no time.

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Sleep well.

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