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Get more energy for everyday activities using a weighted blanket

Mar 17, 2022 | By Quietly Staff

Sleep problems affect your level of activity when you wake up, and even impacts your ability to make decisions, concentrate, and your memory.

If you’re a good sleeper, you can transition from wake to sleep with no issues, your respiratory rate slows down and your parasympathetic system kicks in, which promotes rest and relaxation.

If you’re a bad sleeper, your parasympathetic activity is lower, and your sympathetic activity may be higher, which prevents you from falling asleep, and staying asleep. 

Your sympathetic nervous system is our alert system. It’s our primitive fight or flight response that’s responsible for your heart rate, blood flow, sweating, even goose bumps, and more. 

For example, when we get goosebumps, that’s just your nerves from the sympathetic nervous reacting, it’s flexing the muscles around it forcing the hair follicles to stand up straight.

Weighted blankets gives you better sleep and deep pressure balances your sympathetic nervous system. Without one, people say they just felt like zombies.

People noticed that they felt stronger, and could cope with everyday activities. It also helped them with completing tasks, concentration, resulting in better performance at work or in school

After using a weighted blanket, parent’s with kids diagnosed with ADHD, noticed they got a good night’s sleep, had more energy in the day, were more positive, happier, and had a zest for life. Previously these kids had low energy, with suicidal thoughts, or even attempted suicide.

“Lately, I think she has become more alert, I mean happy, she is generally happy but you noticed before when she had slept or been tired that she became more irritable and things like that. But I find it’s positive. She is always happy and less tired.”

Not only are weighted blankets good for sleep, but it gives us energy, so we can deal with whatever life throws at us

What is the best weighted blanket for energy?

Hands down, Quietly's weighted blankets. It's available in multiple pressures to help your fall asleep and for a good restorative night's rest.  

For more weighted blankets 

Shop our weighted blankets to help you sleep naturally. 

Learn more about how weighted blankets give you help you fall and stay asleep, so you can feel rested the next day in our article get 1 to 3 hours more sleep using a weighted blanket

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