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Breathable material

Handmade with love

No fillers, just fabric

Sleep better, reduce stress.

Reinventing the weighted blanket.

Our handmade weighted blankets are a natural tool to heal the mind and calm the body. It will help you improve your mood, handle stress, and fall asleep faster.

Inspired by a chunky braid, we knit the blanket in a braided pattern making it both breathable, and a beautifully designed blanket. 

So say goodbye to plastic beads, and say hello to Quietly.

Go ahead, snuggle up, it's good for you.

Weighted blankets have a lot to offer, there are numerous benefits to someone’s health by providing a natural calming effect and better night’s rest. 

Naturally weighted.

Unlike traditional weighted blankets that use fillers, our blankets are naturally weighted by the material itself and nothing else.

It's like a hug.

Weighted blankets use a therapeutic technique that gives a deep pressure stimulation to relax the nervous system. It's proven to help improve pain, sleep, anxiety and mood by increasing happiness hormones.


Overcoming a health crisis.

My journey started when a car accident left me with life-changing injuries in 2016. My new normal changed overnight. Everyday tasks became a challenge like chewing food, reading, and washing the dishes. Even my sleep became an issue, the loud noise in my ears from tinnitus would keep me from falling asleep, then I started getting painful spasms in my ribs at night, that would leave me gasping to breathe.

It was only a matter of time before my mood changed, stress level increased, and I started using heavy pain killers. Something had to change. So I quit my corporate job and set out on a path to find natural ways to heal my body and focused on both passive and active rehab for two years. I learned how to read again, strengthened my body, and calmed my mind.

But it wasn’t enough, I needed something more - and that's when I came across weighted blankets. I put my weighted blanket on, and after one night of being up at 4 am again, I instantly fell asleep — that never happens.

Overcoming these injuries has been the biggest challenge in my life, and not a day goes by that I don’t work on trying to heal my injuries. This has led me to shift my priorities, now, my sole focus is to calm my mind and body, and help others benefit from it too. That’s why I decided to start Quietly — a natural tool to help improve your sleep and stay calm.

Michelle Beauregard

Handmade weighted blankets.
Natural, breathable, beautiful.