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8 common question asked when shopping for a weighted blanket

Aug 26, 2022 | By Quietly Staff

How to find a weighted blanket that's right for you.

Shopping for a weighted blanket can feel overwhelming. What weight do you get? What size do you get? Which filling is the right one? 

So we put together a guide for the top 8 most common question asked when shopping for a weighted blanket:

1. Who is the weighted blanket for?

2. How heavy should the blanket be?

3. What size do you need?

4. What is the blanket made of?

5. How long should you use it for?

6. Are weighted blankets safe to use?

7. Are weighted blanket to hot?

8. How to find the best weighted blanket? 


      Who is the weighted blanket for?

      How to choose a weighted blanket for adults

      In order to get the best therapeutic benefits possible, weighted blankets are generally designed to fit your body, not your bed, so they’re not meant for sharing. 

      Shopping for a weighted blanket is a personal decision that will be based on your personal needs and body type but you’ll also need to consider the blanket’s weight and size.

      Studies have found that a moderate blanket is enough to generate therapeutic benefits.

      How to choose a weighted blanket for couples

      When sharing a weighted blanket with another person, you should look for a wider and heavier blanket. 

      Most weighted blankets are designed for one adult, so when sharing a weighted blanket with another person, the blanket should be wide enough to fit two people but not so wide that it hangs off the sides of your bed, which could make it fall off your bed. 

      Before you buy a weighted blanket, you should consider the personal needs and body type of your partner into account as well. One partner may be taller, while the other shorter, and one may be suffering from insomnia, while the other one isn’t. 

      A weighted blanket for couples should be heavier than an adult blanket. It should be heavy enough for you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits, but not too heavy that one of you are uncomfortable.

      Can you use a weighted blanket while pregnant?

      There is not enough solid research to say whether or not weighted blankets are safe during pregnancy.

      Keep in mind that a weighted blanket may seem like a lot of weight on your baby bump, but keep in mind not all of the weight of the blanket will be on you, you can compare it to laying a laptop on your belly. However until more research comes out, the safest approach is to not use a weighted blanket.

      How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

      When selecting a weighted blanket, it will come down to the weight and size of the blanket, as well as your personal preferences. How much weight you feel when you use a weighted blanket, will feel different to each person. Two people that are both the same height and 170 pounds, may prefer two different blankets. One may like a 22 pound blanket, and the other may find it too heavy and prefer a 17 pound blanket.

      So selecting a weight that 10 percent of your body weight is a good starting point for most people but it’s not a key factor in choosing the amount of weight you may prefer. 

      Most people will enjoy using a heavy weighted blanket, while others will find it too heavy and prefer a lighter weighted blanket. So we came up with a weighted blanket guide below to make the decision easier.

      Here are some importing factors to keep in mind when shopping for a weighted blanket:

      • You can always go for the lowest weight to get all the health benefits.

      • You can start with a lower weight, and go always go higher. 

      • Shop for a weight based on your based on your personal preferences, not your body weight

      • The therapeutic benefits are more subtle with a lighter weight, so for more benefits you would need a heavier blanket.

      Selecting a weight for adults

      Throw size weighted blankets are designed for individuals and not meant for sharing.

      Depending on your personal needs, shopping for a weighted blanket for couples will come down to the question, do you want a heavy or medium weight? 

      When to get a medium weight

      If you’re looking for more relaxation or some stress relief and you have mild insomnia, mild anxiety, stress, pain, or low moods and you have an average body type, go for a medium weight or a lighter weight. Blankets that are made for individuals are considered a medium weight if they weigh 20 pounds or less.

      In one study a medium blanket of 15 pounds compared to a light blanket of 5 pounds, reduces anxiety the most, decreases stress, and improves happiness hormones. 

      When to get a heavy weight

      If you’re overwhelmed with stress, struggle with sleep nightly, and generally have an overactive nervous system, and you have a tall and large-framed body types, go for a heavier blanket. Also great for average body types looking for more weight. Blankets that are made for individuals are considered a heavy weight if they weigh 20 lbs or more.

      People who are highly anxious, have reported that a heavier weighted blanket provides more pain relief than a lighter one. 

        Selecting a weight for couples

        Queens and Kings blankets are designed for couples and sharing. When shopping for a king or queen size, the industry says to look for a blanket that is 7.5 percent of your combined weight, but that doesn't take into account your personal needs. Depending on your personal needs, shopping for a weighted blanket for couples will come down to the question, do you want a heavy or medium weight?

        Below are some examples of weights to shop for:

        • A queen size blanket that weighs less than 20 pounds is a medium weight, and if it weighs more than 20 pounds, it's a heavy weight.

        • A king size blanket that weighs less than 30 pounds is a medium weight, and if it weighs more than 30 pounds, it's a heavy weight.

        • A california king size blanket that weighs less than 35 pounds is a medium weight, and if it weighs more than 35 pounds, it's a heavy weight.

        Weighted blanket size chart

        Always consult your blanket manufacture if you need help.

        Choosing a medium weight for adults

        weighted blanket size chart


        Blanket type Size Medium weight Heavy weight
        48" x 72" or
        50" x 70"
        < 20 pounds
        > 20 pounds
        60" x 80"
        < 20 pounds > 20 pounds
        80" x 87"
        < 30 pounds > 30 pounds
        California King
        90" x 90"
        < 35 pounds
        > 35 pounds


        • The blanket shouldn’t hang over the sides of your bed or it could fall off.

        • You want the blanket to fit your body, not your bed to provide the best therapeutic benefits.

          Throw size:

            • Measurements: 48" x 72" or 50" x 70"

            • Who it's for: one adult **

            • Medium weight: < 20 pounds or less

            • Heavy weight: > 20 pounds or more

            Queen weighted blanket size:**

            • Measurements: 60" x 80" or 50" x 70"

            • Who it's for: two adults**

            • Medium weight: < 20 pounds or less

            • Heavy weight: > 20 pounds or more

            King weighted blanket size:

            • Measurements: 80" x 87" 

            • Who it's for: two adults**

            • Medium weight: < 30 pounds or less

            • Heavy weight: > 30 pounds or more

              California King weighted blanket size:

              • Measurements: 90" x 90"

              • Who it's for: two adults**

              • Medium weight: < 35 pounds or less

              • Heavy weight: > 35 pounds or more

                Are weighted blankets heavy to carry?

                Weighted blankets can be heavy to carry. It’s not like a blanket that you can move around, once you put a weighted blanket down, that’s usually where it stays. So if you want to use it to sleep with and during the day on the couch, consider getting more than one blanket.

                  What is the blanket weighted with?

                  Weighted blankets are filled in two ways, with beads and without. 

                  Weighted blankets without beads

                  Weighted blankets that are filled without beads, often use fabric or stuffing to give the blanket its weight. 

                  • Fabric: look for weighted blankets made with cotton or natural fibres. Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics because it doesn't trap heat and wicks away moisture from your body. Blankets made with fabric are a natural alternative blankets made with beads.

                  • Stuffing: another common filling are stuffing commonly found in pillows and duvets. These blankets are made with a long tube and then stuffed making it more thick and round in shape.

                  Quietly is filled with fabric instead of poly pellets or beads. We use a patent pending design made with t-shirt material that is soft, comfortable, and distributes weight more evenly across your body. Our blankets are made with over 300 metres of fabric. 

                  Weighted blankets with beads.

                  Weighted blankets that are filled with beads, often use plastic pellets or glass beads, which gives the blanket its weight.

                  • Glass beads are a they popular filler material that’s used are glass beads, especially in cooling weighted blankets. They’re made of glass and considered a premium alternative to plastic pellets. They require less units than the plastic pellets, making your blanket less bulky. They are small in size, about 1mm to 2mm wide, so they're not likely to break into small pieces.

                  • Plastic pellets are usually made of virgin or recycled plastic and cost less than the glass beads. They tend to absorb heat in warmer temperatures, making for a warmer blanket. So as long as you keep your room temperature low, your blanket won't be too warm. They can make noise when they move around, but depending on the manufacturer this can be minimized. They can be larger than glass beads, about 5 mm wide or less. They are often white in color or clear. 

                  • Steel pellets (or BB pellets) are is a non-toxic alternative to lead pellets that are made for shotguns. They are typically heavier than glass beads and vary in size from 0.5 mm to 6 mm. They are washable and durable so you don't have to worry about washing at high temperatures. They also make noise when they move around.

                  • Organic fillers: examples include grains, beans, sand, and stone. Organic materials may rot if it gets wet, which makes it hard to wash and can attract insects. Stones can be rough on the fabric wear it out faster.


                  Are weighted blankets too hot?

                  Some people have found that they get too hot when using a blanket and worry it might be too hot during the summer. 

                  Our open knit design is open and cooling, so you don’t need to worry about overheating. We’ve had customers in Florida report that during the summer they were able to use our blanket since it’s breathable and not too hot for them!

                    How long should you use it for?

                    When you first put on a weighted blanket you may notice the effects within 5 minutes, but it can take up-to 15 to 20 minutes to feel the full effects of a weighted blanket. 

                    Give yourself 3 weeks to adjust to the weight, and remove the blanket if you’re ever uncomfortable. Our return policy gives you 60 days to try it out, and find out whether or not it’s for you.

                    How long does it take to adjust to a weighted blanket?

                    Some people find weighted blankets to be too heavy when they first start using them, so how long you should use them depends on your comfort levels and personal health needs. Generally you can use it for as long as you like. If you suffer from anxiety you may want to try using it throughout the day.

                    How long does it take to feel the affects of a weighted blanket?

                    You can use it for 10 minutes to 1 hour. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, remove the blanket. At a minimum, we encourage you to use a weighted blanket throughout the day for a total of 20 minutes everyday, but use it as often as you like.

                      Are they safe to use?

                      Studies have shown that weighted blankets are safe to use. Most people will enjoy using a heavy blanket, while others will find it too heavy and prefer a lighter blanket. Choosing a blanket size, will come down to your personal needs and body type.

                      Here’s a general guide to using a weighted blanket safely:

                      • You should be able to remove the blanket independently at any time, such as people with special needs or disabilities, or edlery with low grip strength.

                      • It’s not recommend for people with a history of breathing or heart problems, epilepsy, or poor circulation. 

                      • Your head and neck should not be covered.

                      • Go for a lighter blanket or consult your doctor before purchasing if you have weak joints or injuries.

                      • Weighted blankets are not recommended for infants and toddlers (children under the ages of three).

                      No studies have been able to confirm that using a weighted blanket creates a dependency. 

                      In times of stress, people may choose to cope with anything that creates a positive feeling or relaxation, but out of everything you could cope with, we think a weighted blanket is a good way to cope.

                      Consult your doctor before using a weighted blanket.

                      The bottom line

                      There are so many weighted blankets on the market, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Understanding how blankets fit people differently and it's based on your personal preferences. 


                      • For one individual the blanket should fit you, not your bed.

                      • For couples the blanket should be wider and heavier, but not so wide it hangs of the bed. 

                      • If you're not sure how heavy your blanket should be check out our weighted blanket guide.

                      • Be aware of products that are designed in China are made with cheaper materials that don't last, and without any research.

                      • Everyday use a weighted blanket for at least 20 minutes to get the health benefits.

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