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Our throw blanket is designed to fit one person, unlike a comforter, that's because the larger a blanket is, the lighter it will feel since the weight is spread out over a larger area so it would decrease the therapeutic benefits. To simplify things, our throw blanket comes in one size 48x72 inches.

Selecting your weight, comes down to your personal preferences and how much weight you feel when you use a weighted blanket, will feel different to each person. Two people that are both same height and 150 lbs, may prefer two different blankets, one may like a 15 lbs blanket, and the other may find it too heavy and prefer a 10 lbs blanket.

Choosing a weighted blanket that is 10 percent of your body weight is a good starting point for most people but it’s not a key factor in choosing the amount of weight you may prefer.

* All our weighted blankets are hand made so the weight options may vary. All sizes are in inches.