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Our journey

My journey started when a car accident left me with life-changing injuries like a concussion, vision problems, tinnitus, and chronic pain. My new normal changed over night. Everyday tasks became a challenge, I struggled to do simple tasks like the dishes, cooking, and even chewing my food. I went from reading at a college level to reading at a a 4th grade level. My sleep became an issue, the loud ringing in my ears would keep me from falling asleep, then I started getting painful spams in my ribs that would wake me up at 4 am, leaving me gasping to breathe.

It was only a matter of time before my mood changed, stress level increased, and I started using heavy pain killers. Something had to change.

So I set out on a path to find natural ways to heal my body. I focused on both passive and active rehab for two years. I learned how to read again, strengthened my body, and calmed my mind. And that's when I came across weighted blankets. I put my weighted blanket on after one night of being up at 4 am again and passed out — that never happens.

Turns out, so many people were looking for tools like this. So, I decided to make it our mission to design products for self-care to help others. That's why I'm launching a new product, handmade weighted blankets — a natural tool to help improve your sleep and stay calm.

Michelle Beauregard