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10 ways to use a weighted blanket

Nov 13, 2022 | By Quietly Staff

1. Wrap yourself up

Most people use a weighted blanket for sleep. But they are the perfect calming tool that can be used during the day when you're on the couch to unwind.

Try wrapping yourself up like a burrito after a long day of work.

For singles, wrapping yourself in a blanket can bring extra comfort and makes you feel snuggled.   

2. Wrap your dog

Wrap them up and give them a big hug when they're scared during fireworks to sooth them. It’ll help them calm down, fall asleep, stop shaking and whining. You can also throw it on your dog when they're jumping on people to stop them.

3. When your having a bad day

When you’re not feeling like yourself, you're feeling off, and having a bad day, use your weighted blanket to feel balanced again.

Weighted blankets are often described as a hug, which feels comforting and pleasure. When we’re hugged oxytocin is released. There’s no evidence that oxytocin is release when using a weighted blanket.

What we do know is that those same feelings that make it feel great to received a hug, can be replicated when putting on a weighted blanket. 

4. While you work to stay focused

Use your blanket while you work to help perform better at work and everyday activities. Weighted blanket can you with complete tasks, improving focus, memory, and decision-making.

5. To keep your symptoms at bay

The blankets works in minutes and help keep your symptoms at bay. Use a weighted blanket for at least 20 minutes a day to get the full health benefits and  help relieve symptoms of PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and more.

6. Layer a few weighted blankets 

If you have a few weighted blankets, you can even layer them on top of each other to increase weight and pressure, which increases the benefits. For example if you have two 15 pound blankets in your house, layer them on top of each other to enjoy 30 pounds of heavy pressure and maximum benefits. Some people have found that they prefer a heavier weight, choosing a weight that’s up 28% of their body weight, so it's okay to layer them up, just remove the blanket if you’re ever uncomfortable.

7. Place it on your body, not your bed

You don’t want a weighted blanket that is too large, covers your bed, or hangs over the edged. When it covers your bed, there is less weight on your body, making it a lighter weight. You want the weight of the blanket to be on top of your body to get the best benefits possible. 

8. Get a blanket for both the couch and bed

Weighted blankets are heavy to carry around the house. Once you place the blanket down, it usually stays there. It’s not like a light blanket that you can carry around. So get one blanket for the bed and for the couch, so you’re not lugging it around. 

9. While you meditate

Weighted blankets are a wonderful way to relax. Add a weighted blanket to your next meditation session to feel more balanced and calmer.

10. While you nap

Most people use weighted blankets on their bed at night for sleeping, but they can also be used during the day on the couch to help you relax or fall asleep for a nap so you feel refreshed. 

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