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We ship to you for free, it's included with every order. Available to Canada.

Easy to try

We want to make your purchase hassle free, so our 30-day trial period gives you time to decide.

Get it now, pay later

Get the weighted blankets now, and pay it in 4 monthly payments.

Comfty, calming, cool.

Our weighted blankets creates a calming feeling that will help you unwind and relax. Oh and the breezy material will keep you cool. 

Breathable material

Made with organic cotton, and then braided making it breathable, and super soft.

Handmade with love

Each blanket is handmade by our knitters with covered yarn, giving it that heavy weight.

Weighted options

We offer 4 weight options (12, 15, 20, and 25 pounds), there's something for everyone.

Quietly gift card



  • Benefits

    Weighted Blankets are a therapeutic technique that gives a deep pressure stimulation to relax the nervous system. It's proven to help improve pain, sleep, anxiety and mood by increasing happiness hormones.

    Quietly's braided pattern makes is breathable keeping you cool in summer months. 

  • Selecting a weight

    For the best fit, choose the blanket that is about 10% of your body weight. If you're in the middle of our weight options, we recommend you round up and grab the next highest weight option. So if you're 173 lbs, go with the 20 lbs weight option, not the 15 lbs.

  • Care instructions

    Just toss the blanket in the machine, and wash cold, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low for a few cycles or hang it to dry, laying it flat. Avoid hanging it upright as this will stretch the braids.

    For the 25 lb blanket it's recommend you wash it in a commercial washer, or check the capacity of your washing machine to find out if it can handle the weight.